All is well in all of Creation


Red Rose

All is well
in all of Creation

petra webstein 2018

I created this space many years ago and it has changed as often as I discovered new things as I walked my path on this earth.

I have encountered many amazing teachers all of whom have played an important role in my life.  Whether my experiences with them were pleasing or shocking they all showed me important pieces of myself, helping me to grow into the human being I am today. So I like to express my deep felt gratitude to all of you here.

That's my way and how I have experienced it so far.  The diversity and intensity of my experiences, which have seldom run in a straight line, has repeatedly encouraged me to go further and to look deeper into myself and become more aware and expanded.  I was able to open many doors that had been closed previously as I connected with the source within me that knows the world of joy, ease and graciousness.

This space will stay dynamic and is continuously changing with me. Old content is being deleted to keep this space fresh, flowing and timely.

I am inviting you to be part of this journey whether it will be for a session, workshops or hang out browsing through my content.

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" The purpose for creation is simply joy. "
St. Germain